Milazzo Parking by Clarissa Viaggi Licenza Cat. A/ILL DDS 1950/S9Tur/2011 Polizza R.C. 189669 Mondial Assistance CCIAA Messina REA 218539 P.Iva 03176160830

Reservations and contract conclusion:

Acceptance of the reservation by Clarissa Viaggi is also subject to the related payment by the Consumer. The purchase contract for the purchased product will be concluded when Clarissa Viaggi sends the confirmation also via the electronic system. This purchase contract is a remote contract, which relates to tourist services and is entered into between a professional (Clarissa Viaggi) and a consumer, as part of a system of remote service provision organized by the professional who for this contract, uses only one or more remote communication techniques until the conclusion of the contract including the conclusion of the contract itself. Pursuant to art. 32 paragraph 2 of the Tourism Code the right of withdrawal does not apply to this contract.


When booking online, the full price of the cost of the service purchased online must be paid.

Modification or cancellation of the product purchased before departure:

Before departure, the organizer or the seller who needs to significantly modify one or more elements of the contract, immediately notifies the consumer in writing, indicating the type of modification and the consequent price change. If he does not accept the proposed modification, the consumer may alternatively exercise the right to repurchase the sum already paid or to enjoy the offer of a replacement product.

Consumer withdrawal:

The consumer can withdraw from the contract, without paying penalties, in the following cases:

– Price increase in excess of 10%;

– Significant modification of one or more elements of the contract objectively configurable as fundamental for the purposes of the use of the overall tourist package considered and proposed by the organizer after the conclusion of the contract itself but before departure and not accepted by the consumer. In the above cases, the consumer has the right alternatively;

– To take advantage of an alternative product, without a price supplement or with the return of the excess price, if the second product has a lower value than the first;

– The return of only the part of the price already paid. This return must be made within seven working days from the moment of the receipt of the refund request. The consumer will have to communicate his decision (to accept the change or to withdraw) within and no later than two working days from the moment he received the notice of increase or modification. In the absence of express communication within the aforementioned term, the proposal made by the organizer is considered accepted;

– The renunciation by the contractor of one or more services included in the price of a purchased product does not entitle to partial refunds.

Changes after departure:

The organizer, if after departure is unable to provide for any reason, except for a fact proper to the consumer, an essential part of the services covered by the contract, will have to provide alternative solutions, without price supplements to be paid by the contractor and if the services provided are of a lower value than those envisaged, reimburse it in an amount equal to this difference.


The renouncing customer can be replaced by another person as long as the organizer is informed in writing before the date set for the departure, simultaneously receiving communication about the transferee’s general information.

Assistance obligation:

The organizer is required to provide the consumer assistance measures imposed by the professional diligence criterion exclusively in reference to the obligations to be borne by law or contract. The organizer and the seller are exonerated from their respective responsibilities when the failure or incorrect execution of the contract is attributable to the consumer or is due to the fact of a third party having an unpredictable or inevitable character, or by chance or force majeure.


Any failure in the execution of the contract must be contested by the consumer without delay so that the organizer, his local representative or the companion can promptly remedy it.